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Fallen Leaf

It’s fall, the calendar tells us. Yesterday, in South Georgia it got up to 92 degrees.

  Everyone wants to wear sweaters and boots and consume pumpkin spice everything. It’s just hard to do.

  I get my hope from the occasional “turned” and fallen leaf I see on my walks with Barry. Soon a fallen leaf will turn to thousands, and it will well and truly feel like autumn.

  Meanwhile, we still have football and all the pumpkin spice we want. 🍁🏈🐘🍷via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Anticipate but Wait

  I’m not naturally the world’s most patient person. And I get excited about things easily–like my upcoming 60th birthday! Yippee.

  But, while I anticipate pleasant events with glee, I have learned to wait, to be in the moments that are happening now. That way I don’t miss as much.

  Having something to anticipate adds spice to life, but we shouldn’t let the anticipation become bigger than the event.

  Life is short. Don’t wait for someday or someone to be happy. Anticipate but wait. via Daily Prompt: Anticipate

Dad Was Critical

  First off, my Dad was a good man, and I’m sure he loved us. He showed it in a hundred ways. But he had a sharp tongue, and he could be critical in very hurtful ways.

  He criticized our looks, intelligence, and even sanity. He was skilled at finding a personal weak spot and stabbing the wound.

  As I grew older, I realized his meanness stemmed from his own insecurities and issues. He never got help, as far as I know.

  For my own sanity, I forgave him and made peace with him before he died. I’m so glad I did! Now I just miss him and love him. via Daily Prompt: Critical

Enamored With Life

I know this earthly life is not perfect, and another day of it is not guaranteed. But I am enamored with life. Each day, I awake to wonder what the day will hold.

  Sometimes the days are similar, but there’s always some spark, some encounter or thought that makes each one special.

  I’m working on a home project I’m anxious to finish. The work itself brings a certain joy–finding old treasures long forgotten. There’s plenty of finding objects that no longer bring me joy and disposing of them.

  When finished, I will embrace my living space and enjoy inviting others in. You see, I’m also enamored with the people in my world–those I hold closed for a long time and those who pass through.

  I am enamored with art, music, nature and worship. The Lord is my most beloved, and I find Him everywhere and in everyone.

  Yes, I’m enamored with life! via Daily Prompt: Enamored

A Magnetic Personality

Have you met someone with a magnetic personality? Someone who has an energy field that draws people to them? I have, and it’s magical. You feel important and like you just want to be around that person.

  I often heard that Jackie Kennedy was a brilliant conversationalist. She made a person feel as if they were the only person in the room.

  That’s the kind of person I want to be. Like Maya Angelou said, people will remember how you made them feel.

  A magnetic personality is a wonderful thing to witness and to have! via Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Inhabit Your World

Most of the time, I inhabit a rather small world–my home, my neighborhood and my part of town. Then, there’s work, where I inhabit my dressing room.

  Occasionally, I shake things up and travel; I even parasailed at the beach. I went whitewater rafting on the Chatthoochee.

  What keeps the world I inhabit from being small is my imagination and the interesting people I meet.

  Politics, art, conversation and even interacting with friends and family make the world I inhabit interesting.

  A plan for the future is to inhabit a wider world, through more travel, varied books, worship and conversation. Nature needs to play a bigger part. Inhabit God’s world. Onward. via Daily Prompt: Inhabit

A Visceral Reaction

Okay, I’m going to say right up front, I don’t like the president—-politically, personally, as a businessman, in his treatment of women and other minorities. I just find no redeeming value in him. Those are strong statements, but I don’t hate him because it isn’t in me.

  I do, however, have a visceral reaction to his face, his voice, his stature and the words that come out of his mouth. I almost become sick when he speaks.

  I vascillate back and forth between thinking I should just ignore him and feeling like I need to keep up because his words affect my world.

  A visceral reaction can be useful. I trust my gut. But what to do?via Daily Prompt: Visceral

Single, not Solitary

I’m a single woman about to turn 60. You could call me divorced, but I don’t define myself by the two marriages that ended. I definitely define myself in part by the two wonderful daughters that one marriage produced.

  I am single, but not solitary. I have close family, friends and church and work friends. I cherish them all.

  I don’t stand alone, although I’m a strong individual. I’m part of the human race, every man and woman. We stand together or fall separately. That’s the way I see it. via Daily Prompt: Solitary

Let the Music Play

 Friday night I met friends from work at a nightspot to hear live music. The sister of one of my friends is the lead singer.

My first thoughts were “how loud” and “how crowded.”  Shows what an old fogey I am! By the time I got a table and a draft beer, I was enjoying myself. I literally couldn’t remember the last time I had been to hear live music.

Well, there was that mariachi band in Guadalajara at the family reunion a few years ago. But, actually going to a bar to hear a band just doesn’t happen anymore.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sally Brown Band. They played lots of oldies I recognized. Rich vocals and instrumentals.

Because I had to work in the morning, I was home by 11–my old high school curfew. I had a great time, and I’ll do it more often. Let the music play.

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