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Tend Your Garden

  It’s ironic that I’m writing about tending a garden because I haven’t done any gardening for several years. I don’t mean a literal garden. I’m talking about tending your business.

  It should come as no shock that I’m not the greatest with finances, although I strive daily to improve my status.

  Lately, I’ve been looking at how to reduce existing bills. I’ve put my gas bill on level billing. For some reason it wasn’t. I got a discount on my cell phone bill just for working where I work.

  I did some digging and made some real strides with my car insurance. I’m enrolled in a program called Snapshot for good drivers who don’t log a lot of miles daily. I’m also going to take a defensive driving class to reduce my rate further.

  Encouraged by these cuts, I’m looking for other ways to save painlessly.

  I’m trying to tend my garden. I can’t wait to reap what I’m sowing. via Daily Prompt: Tend

Waiting for a Check

  I hate to live life in a state of waiting for anything, but that’s where I find myself. I have so much to do, but I need my tax refund to do any of it.

It will come any day now. I will pay bills, go to the cardiologist (routine) and get Barry his rabies shot and checkup. After all that’s done, I hope to save some for a rainy day.

I hope my hours at work will pick up soon so I won’t have to live on it. I’m determined to make the best use of this annual windfall possible.

What do you have planned?

A winsome personality

  I confess, I had to look up the definition of winsome because I thought it meant something different. I had a sadder meaning attached to it.

  I like the actual meaning better, especially as I feel it applies somewhat to my personality. I think I have a childlike quality that can be charming.

  Sure, I’ve grown up in many ways, but I retain childlike joy and wonder in the world and its people.

  What a day. I got reacquainted with a word—and myself. Onward. via Daily Prompt: Winsome

My Mother’s Elegance

  My mother had an elegance about her. It was natural, part of her being. No put-on airs for her.

  She was a beautiful woman who created and surrounded herself with beauty—mainly flowers and art.

  She dressed well, in her own eclectic style. Her jewelry was unique, and her makeup was always done.

  I aspire to my mother’s elegance. Manners have a lot to do with it too. Onward. via Daily Prompt: Elegance

Jolly This Season

I’m jolly about Christmas, despite working retail and being swamped. I’m jolly because of the impending birth of a Savior for my sins.

  I am jolly because of the gift of my family. I have a big, loving family, and I cherish getting to see them at Christmas.

  My church family makes me jolly, with all the love and care.

  And, yes, that retail job can make me jolly—greeting all the people and helping them find what they want.

  I’m tired, but I’m jolly. via Daily Prompt: Jolly

Relocate Your Feelings

  If you want a different view, you don’t have to relocate physically. You can change your thoughts and feelings for a fresh perspective.

  It sounds complicated, but it just takes practice and patience. I have trained myself to think positive and be optimistic about my life.

  Don’t get me wrong. There’s an awful lot in the world I’m not happy about, but I forge on anyway.

  It has helped tremendously with my bipolar depression. Sometimes putting one foot in front of the other is all I can do, but I’m grateful for that.

  I’ve been able to relocate my point of view. I have to admit, I like the view from here. Onward. via Daily Prompt: Relocate

Trying to Sparkle

It’s the holidays, and I work retail—longer hours on my feet, bigger and more demanding crowds. I’m trying hard to keep my sparkle.

  I believe each customer, whether the first or the umpteenth, deserves a friendly greeting and a kind comment or two.

  It’s not always easy to sparkle, in life or in retail, but it makes a difference. It makes people want to be around you and makes them sparkle.

  So spread that good cheer, whether your feet hurt or not. Sparkle!via Daily Prompt: Sparkle

Faint Spirit

   I’m generally a strong person, but sometimes my spirit gets a little faint. Like if I go too long without good news—or too long with bad news.

  So far, I haven’t found a surefire cure for a faint spirit, but these things help—Prayer, worship, walking and talking to friends. Also, a good cry or laugh does a spirit good.

  I’m grateful for my life, and I’m glad I have remedies for a faint spirit. Onward. via Daily Prompt: Faint

Brave the Holidays

  As happy as I am about fall and winter holidays, I have two reasons to buck up and brave them.

  First, I work retail, and we work longer and much busier hours. This is a blessing and a curse. It’s good for business and the paycheck, but it can be exhausting.

  Secondly, I am prone to depression, and holiday mirth can be a trigger. I miss loved ones, and I feel sad because I can’t give and do as much as I’d like to.

  On the positive side, I adore the worship and singing, the time together with family and friends and the special food. Brave the holidays and count your blessings. via Daily Prompt: Brave

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